Vintage Cheese "Campoveja"


Raw Materials: Made with RAW SHEEP’S MILK and natural lamb rennet, salt, dairy ferments and lysozyme.

Curation: 9 months maturing in a cellar

Quality marks: Castilla y Leon certificate of artisan cheese. TIERRA DE SABOR (Land of Flavour) Castilian cheese.

Exterior features: Smooth rind (No ESPARTO GRASS BELT marks)

Interior features: Dark ivory paste with small irregular eyes

Smell: Intense smell with hints that remind of livestock and the natural molds used for maturing it on wood

Flavour: Full flavor enhanced with hints of nuts. It has a long lingering aftertaste.

Pairing: Local white wines, craft beers, cider or cava

Preserving and consuming: Store in cool and dry places between 4 and 10 degrees

Best eaten within: one year

Awards: Silver at the International Cheese Awards Birminghan 2010, Gold at the International Cheese Awards Nantwitch 2012, Silver to the best Castilian artisan cheese 2013

Data sheet

Energetic value
462 Kcal
24,5 %
Total fat
40,5 %
Saturated fat
26,4 %
Trans fat
0 %
0 %
1130 mg
1115 mg

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