Old Smoked Cheese "Signature Campoveja"

Smoked cheese is treated with special maturation processes to affect the flavour. It usually has a yellowish brown outer rind as a result of the smoking process.


Raw Materials: Made with RAW SHEEP’S MILK and natural lamb rennet, salt, dairy ferments and lysozyme.

Curation: 10 months maturing in cellar

Quality marks: Castilla y Leon certificate of artisan cheese

Exterior features: Smooth orange-colored rind caused by the natural smoking process.

Interior features: Ivory paste with small irregular eyes

Smell: Smoked meats and bacon

Texture: Delicate thanks to slow and continuous smoking

Intense flavor

Pairing: Red wines, vintage wine and reserve wine

Preserving and consuming: Store in cool and dry places between 4 and 10 degrees

Best eaten within one year

Awards: Best Smoked Cheese in the World at the International Cheese Awards, Nantwich 2012.

Data sheet

Energetic value
462 Kcal
24,5 %
Total fat
40,5 %
Saturated fat
26,4 %
Trans fat
0 %
0 %
1130 mg
1115 mg

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