We have received many national and international awards, although the ones that we are most proud of are:

  • Prize to the most touristic artisan company of Castilla y León, awarded in the "Artisan Awards 2013". We are delighted with this recognition because we love to show you what we do and that you enjoy experiencing it.
  • Gold for the best farm sheep cheese or small cheese factory in the "International Cheese Awards 2011", held in England.
  • Best Spanish artisan cheese 2013 in "Artesano Awards 2013". It is an acknowledgment of our traditional cheeses that our grandfather Felix began to elaborate back in 1952.
  • Best smoked cheese in the world 2012, obtained in Nantwich, England in "International Cheese Awards". This is the greatest recognition that a smoked cheese can achieve, and the greatest satisfaction for our signature cheeses.

But without a doubt, the prize that most excites us is the trust and satisfaction of our customers, which in many cases make us feel like true "friends".



Tierra de sabor