Why don´t you make the cheeses so that they will all look more similar?


That's the question Uncle Luis asked Grandpa Felix. It was the year 1952. The grandfather collected cheeses from all the shepherds in the area, who in those times made their own cheese, and sent them to Barcelona where Uncle Luis sold them.

At the request of Uncle Luis, Felix began to collect milk and make the cheese himself. Years later his children picked up the baton, and in 1969 they created the current company which has been run since 2002 by Felix’s grandchildren, the Sanz Esteban brothers.

In the first few years, this third generation had as main objective to continue producing a superior quality and artisan cheese. An authentic Castilian cheese made from raw sheep's milk.

Having accomplished this challenge over the first years, the grandchildren decided to undertake new objectives: diversity, prizes and above all, Campoveja experiences.